January 1, 2013 | by Lisa Mattson

Our latest photography time-lapse video captures the transformation of Jordan Winery’s chateau from fall to winter. Each year, over the course of four months, Boston ivy covering the winery’s exterior walls morphs from vibrant green to red, then orange to pale yellow, before the leaves fall to the ground. The ever-changing ivy ensures no one picture of Jordan Winery is ever the same–each day, each season, the chateau looks different.

After watching our 2011 chateau time-lapse video, several fans asked if we could make another one, so we opted for a new location this year. We stationed the camera near our Oak Tank Room’s north-facing exterior wall. The ivy here is shaded from sunlight throughout the day, so it takes much longer to change color. Photos were taken from September 11 to December 10, 2012, using a Canon timer and a Canon 5D Mark II camera. We even created a little platform to position the camera in the hedges near the winery parking lot–not only to protect the camera, but also to keep it from blocking walking paths. The camera took photos in intervals from 9 to 5 on weekdays.

The chateau walls will remain barren of leaves until the ivy awakes from its winter dormancy in March, but as you can see, every season is a beautiful time to visit us in wine country.

Happy New Year to you all!