Jordan Estate Rewards

Membership Levels

Loyal customers can enjoy Jordan’s renowned hospitality through intimate experiences available only to members. Four different membership levels and three types of rewards offer an array of epicurean experiences to tempt your palate. The price of each reward is based on membership level. The higher the level, the fewer the points and dollars required to redeem a reward.

All members receive shipping discounts and bonus points on special product offers throughout the year, with Platinum members receiving the biggest perks.

Our Membership Levels


Bronze      SILVER      GOLD      PLATINUM

Person drinking Jordan Chardonnay with table setting in background


Jordan Estate Rewards members begin at the Bronze level simply by joining our mailing list and qualify for rewards once Silver status is achieved.

Jordan Chef's Reserve Caviar and Jordan Cuvee by Champagne AR Lenoble in beautiful table setting


Silver members enjoy experiences that are not available to the public, from private tastings to alfresco lunches.

jordan winery overnight guest suite chairs and bedroom
Person enjoying salmon dish with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Jordan Chardonnay


Gold members gain access to intimate experiences not available to Silver members or the public, such as overnight stays and private formal lunches and dinners.

Interior view of guest bedroom at Jordan Winery


Our most loyal members receive the ultimate benefits with access to all rewards for our lowest price with the fewest points.