Volume 19

In the “Design” issue, learn about the latest Jordan Chateau renovations and design inspirations, the new vintages featuring  the 2022 Chardonnay and 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon and first-ever events and experiences for Jordan Estate Rewards.


Volume 18

Platinum Award | MarCom Awards 2023

In the “Land” issue, learn about the 1,200-acre Jordan Estate and its diverse wildlife, our new release wines including the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon—Maggie Kruse’s first official vintage as head winemaker— and new events and experiences for Jordan Estate Rewards members.

2022 Wine Country Table magazine cover


Volume 17

The “Celebrations” issue explores Jordan’s dining evolution and elevating Jordan Chardonnay.

Front cover the of 2021 Wine Country Table magazine


Volume 16

Experience the thrill of the grill in this issue, along with new renovations and pollinator sanctuaries.

2020, Volume 15


Volume 15

Explore Jordan recipe essentials, cabernet-friendly spices and creative ways to cook with kombucha.

2019, Volume 14


Volume 14

Inside this “Destination Dining” issue, go behind the scenes for the ultimate wine country picnic. Learn more about the transformation of our newly redesigned dining room and why we’re saying goodbye to American oak.

2018, Volume 13


Volume 13

The 13th edition of our annual magazine has been renamed Wine Country Table.

2017, Volume 12


Volume 12

The 12th edition of Estate Tales features a new design and expanded format.

2016, Volume 11


Volume 11

In this 11th edition of Estate Tales, we celebrate Winemaker Rob Davis’ 40th harvest at Jordan.

2015, Volume 10


Volume 10

Our tenth edition of Estate Tales explores the bounty of the Jordan garden.

2014, Volume 9


Volume 9

Our ninth edition of Estate Tales transports readers to Jordan Estate like never before.

2013, Volume 8


Volume 8

Our eighth volume of Estate Tales celebrates the passions that food and wine lovers share.

2012, Volume 7


Volume 7

Celebrating 40 years, our seventh volume of Estate Tales explores the past and future.

2011, Volume 6


Volume 6

In this issue, we share stories about our renewed commitment to making wines of greatness.

2009, Volume 5


Volume 5

Explore the food, wine and luxurious hospitality found at Jordan Estate in Healdsburg.

2008, Volume 4


Volume 4

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of our culinary hospitality at the Jordan Estate.

2007, Volume 3


Volume 3

John Jordan takes the reins and begins work to further the legacy of Jordan wines.

2006, Volume 2


Volume 2

For 30 years, the Jordan commitment to quality has not wavered. Now it falls to John Jordan.

2005, Volume 1


Volume 1

Enjoy our first newsletter designed to share with you the joys of wine country living.