Hands holding olives
A person harvesting olives

The Jordan olive oil philosophy shares values with our winemaking: blending is key. Though each olive variety is harvested and milled separately, all components are blended before bottling with the goal of creating an extra virgin olive oil that is vibrant, elegant and smooth—just like Jordan wines. Our culinary team and Winemaker Maggie Kruse work closely with Director of Agricultural Operations Brent Young and Grower Relations Manager Dana Grande in the olive growing and olive oil-making process. Focus is placed on harvesting olives at their peak ripeness and pressing within just a few hours—to ensure the highest quality and to achieve the extra virgin olive oil designation.

Olive trees at Jordan Estate
Pouring Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like many other wineries that make olive oil, Jordan doesn’t have its own mill. Our olives are processed about an hour north of Healdsburg, and then the fresh olive oils—each variety is kept in separate barrels—return to the winery to rest until the chef and winemaker deem the oils ready to blend. They taste each oil to determine what percentage of each component should be used in the master blend with the goal of creating an olive oil that is vibrant, elegant and smooth—just like our wines.

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