August 20, 2021 | by Lisa Mattson

In February, Whistlepig Whiskey reached out to us searching for the best barrels to finish aging their one-of-a-kind RoadStock Rye Whiskey. Winemaker Maggie Kruse is a big fan of Whistlepig—she credits their 12 Year Rye with helping her get through the harrowing 2020 grape harvest—and after one Zoom call with Whistlepig’s distiller, Emily Harrison, the friendship/partnership was born.

Maggie offered Emily 40 of our most prized French oak barrels that previously aged our 2018 and 2019 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon vintages: the Nadalie Colbert—the most expensive barrel that the Nadalie family makes from a renowned district within Tronçais forest in France, known for its elegant tannins and fine structure.

What makes Whistlepig RoadStock so special is that it’s the first in history to whiskey to be aged on the road: Whistlepig built a rolling rickhouse to carry the rare rye, which traveled 6,000 miles inside a combination of Jordan Cabernet and Firestone Walker’s barrels, from Vermont to California and back. Maxim called this road-finished rye “its most innovative whiskey yet.” Watch Whistlepig’s RoadStock behind-the-scenes video.

Whiskeypig RoadStock released this month and can be found at retailers for about $80 per bottle.