September 8, 2015 | by Lisa Mattson

A few years ago, Rob Davis Winemaker 40th Harvest Luncheon Jordan Winery Sonoma County-8655 CROPI mentioned to Vincent Nadalie of Nadalie Cooperage, a leading wine barrel maker, that Rob Davis’s 40th harvest at Jordan Winery was on the horizon. Vincent’s father Jean-Jacques and brother Stephane both work at the family cooperage in France, while Vincent oversees their business in the United States.

The three of them decided to surprise Rob by making a one-of-a-kind, commemorative France oak barrel for Rob. After many months of “seasoning” (air drying), the wood was carved and the barrel hand-built by Jean-Jacques himself. Jean-Jacques flew to California to personally present the gift to Rob. The Nadalie family also made a video documenting the creation of the barrel, and we wanted to share it with our fans.