August 25, 2023 | by John Jordan

The John Jordan Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Over the last decade, we’ve worked to improve the quality of life for those most underserved by investing in projects that support early childhood development, youth enrichment programs and scholarships for first-generation college students. We’re also proud to support pediatric dental initiatives, meals for seniors and mental health programs for families.

German shepherd mix puppy

Working to provide bright futures for dogs and cats living on the streets in Asia

We believe it’s important to lift one another up and support the most vulnerable members of our community, and that extends to our four-legged friends. If you’ve visited the Jordan Estate, you may have been greeted by several furry residents running through the vineyards or waiting with hopeful anticipation at the back door of the kitchen for a soup bone. My dogs share my hilltop home and bring me great joy. Bismark and Rosie were both rescued from extremely unfortunate circumstances and given a second chance at life, and I believe all dogs and cats deserve that opportunity.

That’s why the John Jordan Foundation is proud to partner with Soi Dog Foundation to help the millions of dogs and cats living on the streets of Asia. Soi Dog was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand through the vision of founders John and Gill Dalley. At that time, more than 70,000 strays roamed the island, and the numbers were growing at an alarming rate due to a lack of spay and neuter programs to control the population. Most of the animals were emaciated, diseased and in dire need of care. The Dalleys created Soi Dog to provide a sustainable solution for managing the stray population, addressing the animals’ medical needs and improving conditions for both the animal and human communities.

two veterinarians examining puppy with stethoscope

Since its founding 30 years ago, Soi Dog has neutered and vaccinated over 800,000 stray dogs and cats throughout Thailand. With 12 full-time mobile teams the organization is now treating over 17,000 dogs and cats each month, more than any other organization in the world. The Gill Dalley sanctuary in Phuket is home to more than 1,700 animals and is equipped with an on-site hospital and full-time veterinarians. With no government funding, Soi Dog runs entirely on donations and works efficiently so all contributions are used to help animals as effectively as possible.

Soi Dog responds to emergency situations across the region, helping dogs and cats affected by natural or man-made disasters. For example, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, severely impacting Thailand’s tourism industry and economy, many animals have been abandoned. The organization was also instrumental in abolishing the dog meat trade in Thailand and introducing new animal welfare laws that came into effect in 2014.

cats playing outside of carriers in cattery

Soi Dog believes that compassion toward animals is formed at an early age. With this in mind, the organization has launched the Humane Education Program for children. It is Soi Dog’s goal to integrate this program into school curricula in Thailand, thus promoting a caring, compassionate society for future generations.

One of the most noble causes you can support today is animal adoption. The John Jordan Foundation is proud to partner with Soi Dog Foundation to help at-risk dogs and cats survive and thrive. Find out more about Soi Dog Foundation at Together, we are saving lives.

one-eyed white dog looking at camera
Meet Teresla. A little over a year ago she was hit by a car in a horrific accident that left her unable to walk. Thankfully, she made it to Soi Dog, where she received emergency treatment. She made an amazing recovery after nine months of medical care and was recently flown to Canada to meet her forever family.

A significant portion of Jordan Winery sales help support the Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable fellow citizens. Find out more