May 21, 2021 | by Lisa Mattson

When I think back upon all the things that were canceled due to COVID, the one that stung the most—at least from a work perspective—was our annual parody music video. The week before the pandemic was declared, we shot our first music video since 2017—a hiatus we never expected to take. (I was among the thousands of unlucky homeowners whose properties burned in the Tubbs Fire, and between my rebuild and staff turnover at the winery, I just didn’t have the bandwidth or energy to be comically creative until early 2020.)

Fortunately, Kendall Busby returned to the team as creative marketing manager, and a few months before the pandemic was declared, we found inspiration for our next parody music video in Lizzo’s “Good As Hell.” The idea behind the video was to celebrate the women of Jordan during Women’s History Month (March), and commemorate the first time in history that Jordan was named no. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon and no. 1 Wine Brand in the Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll. I wrote the lyrics around a storyline that involved restaurant wine lists, Kendall and one of our vocalist friends sang the song in studio and we enlisted former employee Erin Malone to assist Kendall in filming the music video at a restaurant in Healdsburg, Brass Rabbit.

We planned to release the “Good As Hell” wine parody video and announce our historic Wine & Spirits accolades on March 18, 2020. It was the first of many fun things canceled due to COVID.

Now that restaurants have reopened, we believe that the time is right to share our wine-soaked rendition of a song whose lyrics are ironically more fitting now than they were a year ago. This video is dedicated to all the restaurants that survived COVID and those who did not, including our beloved Brass Rabbit. We are forever grateful for the restaurant community and remain in awe of your remarkable resiliency during the darkest time for our industry.

May the return to normal life taste good as hell. Cheers to 2021.


I do my wine taste

Check the nose

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Food taste

Pair that wine

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Woo girl, tired of big wine lists

Pass up that Ugni Blanc, keep it movin’

Yes somms, tryna share obscure shit

In there, Meunier, filling up with weird shit

Come now, come train your eyes

You know what you want, you can find your wine

Odd grapes make it hard but try

If you want advice, let us simplify

When pinot starts to be a bore

Just grab our cab and start to pour

I do my decant

Sniff my glass

Baby how’s it smellin’?

Smelling good as hell

Sales call

Check my deals

Baby how’s it sellin’?

Selling good as hell

Woo girl

Need to pick up on clues

Need to take a big sniff, focus on hue

All the big wines, sweet wines that you been through

I got a bottle of cab that I’ve been saving for you

Buck up and change your wine

Have a smooth red, no sacrifice

Yeah, Napa did you wrong

We can make it right

So go and drink Sonoma wine tonight

Mmm, yeah

Alright, listen

If they just recite boring scores

Then walk right to the cellar door

And do your wine taste

Pull your cork

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Ferments, check my tanks

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Food toss

Check my spice

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Wine taste

Check your legs

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Tasting good as hell

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell

Tasting good as hell

Baby how’s it tastin’?

Tasting good as hell