August 3, 2017 | by Lisa Mattson

This gallery of grapes photography shows wine grape veraison in progress. The definition of veraison is the onset of ripening. This French word is used throughout the world’s vineyards to describe the color change of red wine grapes, as they transition each summer from green to purplish-red. During this time, sugars begin to rise in the berries, and acids begin to decrease. Photos were taken between July 18 and August 3, 2017. You’ll notice that Malbec grapes began veraison in mid-July; Merlot progressed at the same rate, and Cabernet Sauvignon veraison was still in progress, as it is one of the later-ripening red wine grapes. Petit Verdot grapes were still green and tend to be harvested around the same time as our latest-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard–probably mid-October.

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Grape Veraison: Vineyard Grapes Photography