This non-traditional poke bowl idea was designed to showcase Jordan Chardonnay’s ability to pair with challenging salt and acidity levels in Sonoma seafood. You can scale this abalone recipe to whatever size you are fortunate enough to source, but we typically use four-ounce abalone (available from American Abalone Company). Some of the garnishes may not be available in your area, but seaweed may be purchased dry and rehydrated. Sources like Strong Arm Farm in Sonoma Coast offer a fantastic selection of sea vegetables available online.



Prepare an ice bath.

In a non-reactive pot over medium-high heat, bring water, chardonnay, soy, ginger, kombu and abalone (still in their shells) to a simmer for two minutes or until abalone are easily removed from the shell. Remove pot from the heat source, then separate the abalone from the liquid and allow to cool to the touch. The abalone should easily slip from their shells; reserve the shells for presentation. Pull the viscera from the edible muscle and discard. Skim the reserved liquid and return the abalone to the pot. Bring again to a simmer over medium-high heat. Continue to cook at a simmer for one hour (the abalone will still be firm for this dish). Remove the abalone from the liquid and chill. Reduce the strained stock by two-thirds and chill. If serving immediately, dice the abalone and continue. If preparing in advance, leave the abalone whole in the chilled liquid until ready to serve.

To finish, combine the remaining ingredients in a non-reactive bowl with one Tbsp of the chilled stock and diced abalone, toss to combine. Adjust seasoning with additional soy or lemon juice to taste. Gently pile prepared poke on the reserved shells and serve with a young Jordan Chardonnay.