A wine country take on a brunch classic—enjoy this elevated twist on lox and schmear with a generous topping of caviar.



Slice four half-inch pieces of bread from the center of the sourdough loaf. In a cast iron pan, on medium heat, add olive oil and cook the sliced bread until crunchy. Flip when the first side is finished. Remove the bread from the pan and rub the slice with the garlic—you only want to do a few swipes of the garlic, or it will overpower the salmon.

Spread the mascarpone on the toasted bread. Gently lay the smoked salmon on top of the mascarpone. Cut the salmon toast in half and divide the caviar between the sliced toast. Sprinkle a few microgreens on top for a nice garnish. Enjoy with a glass of Jordan Cuvée by Champagne AR Lenoble.