Often overlooked during summer, pork tenderloin is an outdoor dinner party staple at Jordan Winery in Sonoma County. Quick to prepare, this grilled pork tenderloin recipe is a blank canvas awaiting summer color from vibrant spices and our zesty wild rice pilaf. The elegant fruit expression of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon makes the perfect wine pairing partner to accompany this light, flavorful dish.



Combine all brine ingredients and bring to a boil, dissolving all sugar and salt. Strain into a non-reactive container. Chill to 41 degrees. Add pork tenderloins to the brine and refrigerate for 3-5 hours. Remove from brine, pat pork tenderloin dry and brush with olive oil, fennel and anise.

Preheat a gas grill to high. Sear seasoned pork tenderloins directly on one side for 7 minutes (covered). Turn tenderloins over, re-cover and sear for an additional 5 minutes. Turn grill off, wait 5 minutes, then check meat for doneness (145-150 degrees). Set prepared grilled pork tenderloins aside.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees, spread uncooked rice over the bottom of an 8×8” baking dish. In a saucepan over high heat, bring all other pilaf ingredients to a boil. Immediately pour boiling liquid over rice and cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 70-80 minutes or until all moisture is absorbed. Remove from oven, fluff with fork. Fold in garniture, adjust seasoning and set prepared rice pilaf aside.

To plate as a main course, spoon pilaf onto warm plates, slice grilled pork tenderloin into ¾” medallions and arrange over rice pilaf. Garnish with cilantro, cilantro flowers and Fleur de Sel (or Alea) salt.