This nontraditional short rib recipe makes for a delicious appetizer alongside your favorite vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.



Short Ribs

Generously season the short ribs with salt and pepper. Sear short ribs on all sides until a nice crust is formed. Cool completely and place in a vacuum sealed bag. Cook sous vide in water bath for 24 hours at 152 degrees. Remove bag from water and place in ice bath until the meat is completely cooled. Remove the meat from the bag and cut into ½ inch cubes.

Mix eggs and Dijon mustard in a bowl and whisk until frothy. Then lightly dust short rib cubes in flour. Afterwards put the dusted cubes in a strainer and sift off excess flour. Then place meat in the mustard and egg mixture and coat thoroughly.

Place breadcrumbs in a bowl. With a fork remove the meat from the egg mixture and add into the bowl of breadcrumbs. Gently the toss the meat in the breadcrumbs until completely coated. Carefully remove the coated meat from the breadcrumbs. Make sure the breadcrumbs do not fall off.

Heat oil to 325 degrees in frying pan. Fry the meat in small batches for around 30 seconds or until nicely browned. Remove short ribs from oil and set aside on a paper towel in a single layer. Season with salt to taste.

Radish Soubise

Place half of the diced butter in the bottom of a heavy pan. Lay half of the sliced onions in the pan, then top with all of the sliced radishes and salt.  Lay the remaining onions on top of the radish layer and then top with the remaining butter. Put a cartouche lid on over the pan and cook on low heat, until the onions are soft. Then blend on high until smooth.

Pickled Mustard Seeds

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine white wine vinegar, water, sugar and salt. Bring to a simmer and then stir in mustard seeds. Turn heat down to medium-low and cook until seeds are tender and look a bit plumped, about 30 minutes.

Let mustard seeds cool to room temperature. Then transfer to an airtight jar with a lid and refrigerate. When stored in an airtight jar and kept refrigerated, pickled mustard seeds will keep well for up to two months.

Pickled Daikon

Peel the daikon and cut into small cubes or use a small melon baller. Mix the cut daikon pieces with one tablespoon of salt.

Add the sugar to a large measuring cup or heatproof bowl, and then pour in the boiling water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then stir in the white vinegar, rice vinegar and turmeric. Pour this pickling mixture over the seasoned daikon and allow to cool to room temperature. Cover the bowl and refrigerate.