June 21, 2011 | by Lisa Mattson

As part of our first¬†Viewers Choice Video Contest, Sue from New Jersey requested a video about how we make Jordan Winery videos, from selecting locations and topics to advice on lighting and editing. In these two videos, Laura Petersen and I reflect on how much we’ve learned about how to make professional videos over the first 18 months of establishing a video program–and the mistakes that have helped us grow. Though the final videos are fairly short, we did record an extensive interview about the importance of audio and other tips. So, if you’d like us to post the extended version of these videos, please let us know. Thanks again to Sue for the suggested video topic.

We’ve continued to improve our craft over the years. View our latest videos on the Jordan Winery YouTube Channel.

Part 1: How to Make Professional Videos; Tips from Lisa Mattson

Part 2: How to Make Professional Videos; tips from Laura