May 10, 2017 | by Lisa Mattson

It’s not uncommon for multiple generations to work at a wine business started by their family, but it is unusual for employees who aren’t owners to work for the same winery their entire careers—and for three generations. The Robledos have done just that at Jordan Winery. This year, we are excited to announce that a third-generation Robledo has joined Jordan Winery as a full-time production assistant. Danny Garcia joins his grandfather, Rafael Robledo, who recently retired from Jordan after 42 years of service, and his mother, Elena Robledo Garcia, who grew up at Jordan helping her dad in the vineyards.

Rafael was Jordan Winery’s first employee. He started working for the Jordan family back in 1973, overseeing the estate properties, supervising crews and planting vineyards. His keen attention to detail, vast knowledge of plants and endless energy played a vital role in the success of our vineyards and olive groves. During the slower times of the growing season, Rafael moved on to his other passion projects—the Jordan garden and our rose bushes. Two weeks ago, I found him in the garden, checking on the flowers and vegetables, even though he’s been “officially” retired for a year. We paid tribute to Rafael with a farewell blog post last year.

Elena has spent her entire life around Jordan Estate. She began working at the winery during summer break at age 13—she has a work permit from the State of California to prove it! She continued to be a loyal, versatile member of the extended Jordan family, working seasonally in the vineyards, kitchen and on the bottling line until after high school graduation, when she became a full-time employee. Today, she is a member of the production team, handling cluster counting, sugar testing and other special projects.

Like his mother, Danny began working seasonally in the vineyard as a teenager, helping with summer leafing of the grapevines. After graduating from high school, he became a part-time employee with the production team in 2010, expanding his contributions from the vineyards into the cellar and bottling line. He continued to help with cellar and vineyard projects as needed until being hired full time last month.

Without dedicated, talented employees like the Robledos, Jordan Winery couldn’t have become such a great success.