February 26, 2010 | by Jordan Culinary Team

Like winemaking, a critical step in crafting extra virgin olive oil is creating the master blend. One week after our EVOO is racked, we re-taste each barrel drum of Arbequina, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino oil in preparation for our annual blending trial exercise. Yesterday, our consultant Kevin Rogers and I tasted three potential blends of EVOO and selected our favorite. Watch the below video where we discuss olive oil making, the blending process and sensory analysis of EVOO. Our 2009 Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be bottled next week before every bottle is hand-labeled in anticipation of our official release on May 1, 2010, in conjunction with Spring at Jordan.

To view our January 8 vlog post with information about each olive variety and the 2009 growing season, click here.