January 27, 2015 | by Lisa Mattson

When Wine Enthusiast magazine’s publisher, Adam Strum, called John Jordan to tell him Jordan had won the 2014 American Winery of the Year Award, there was a catch: we had to make a video to show at the Wine Star Awards gala in New York.

“Does it have to be a sappy, tearjerker about our family history and milestones?” I asked.

Watch both of these videos, and I’ll think you’ll know the answer.

The below video is a special edition created exclusively for the Wine Star Awards ceremony in New York on January 26. Winter Storm Juno had other plans, so the event was postponed late on Sunday night.

National Sales Director Chris Avery had the idea of doing an airline in-flight safety video spoof. I believe Winemaker Rob Davis came up with the line, “Your cork can be used as a flotation device.” It was a fun script to brainstorm and a blast to shoot.

The above video has an alternate ending for all of our fans, not just those planning to attend Wine Star Awards.

As always, thank you for drinking with us. Sit back, relax and enjoy your cab.