June 8, 2018 | by John Jordan

Many of us dread going to the dentist, especially when we know that visit will involve shots and chisels. A few years ago, I was sitting in my dentist’s chair, cringing at the whine of the drill and thinking to myself: This must be the worst thing in the world. On my way home from the appointment, it hit me that not having the opportunity to have quality dental care is truly one of the worst things in the world. Few ailments are more painful than unhealthy gums or teeth. The emotional impact of oral health issues can’t be overlooked either. Numerous studies have linked a great smile to a person’s career advancement. Smiling boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. The road to success is often paved in smiles.

But, we can’t forget that the most important things in life have nothing to do with business. Smiling is central to how we communicate in every aspect of our lives with the people who matter to us most. Those smiles are what makes life meaningful and add a layer of richness to our days—not unlike a glass of wine. That is why the John Jordan Foundation has taken on pediatric dentistry as one of our causes. A significant portion of the proceeds from Jordan Winery fund our foundation, which works to fight the negative effects of poverty.

Our first dental care project was a two-year commitment of $250,000 to build Santa Rosa Community Health’s (SRCH) first pediatric dental wing. SRCH is a network of ten health centers in Sonoma County that provide medical, dental and mental health care to families with inadequate or no insurance. Located at SRCH’s first Dental Campus in Santa Rosa, the pediatric dental wing was completed in 2013. There are five dentists, including one pediatric specialist, who provide full restorative and diagnostic services to an average of 2,100 children per year, from toddlers to teenagers.

“This project filled a critical need,” says Naomi Fuchs, chief executive officer of SRCH. “Our Dental Campus has already changed the lives of thousands of low-income children and families, many of whom have never seen a dentist before. Preventing and treating dental decay is critical to giving every person the opportunity for a full and healthy life.”

So, next time you uncork a bottle of Jordan, know that we make wine to bring our customers pleasure, but it warms our hearts equally as much to see the impact winery revenue can have on impoverished families. That’s another reason to smile while enjoying our wine.

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