November 2, 2011 | by Lisa Mattson

Clyde (left) and Barney were inseparable during their lives at Jordan.


Today, we had to say goodbye to another beloved pygmy goat, Barney–the other half of our dynamic landscaping duo, Barney and Clyde. His death comes almost one year to the day that we laid to rest Clyde, who passed away October 29, 2010. Director of Operations Tim Spence, who buried Barney next to Clyde on the Jordan Estate this afternoon, almost brought a tear to my eye when he said, “You know, whether they’re animals or people, it’s is amazing how when one half of an elderly couple dies, the other half often can’t live on alone.”

Barney made it 368 days without his best friend. After Clyde’s death, Barney was moved to a small farmhouse near the entrance of the winery to live with three other pygmy goats, but he was honestly never the same without Clyde by his side. Barney died of old age but also of a broken heart, for sure.

The shy and skittish counterbalance to friendly and constantly curious Clyde, Barney made just three brief appearances in our tribute video to Clyde, released November 2, 2010. We wanted to reshare this photo-video montage with all of you to celebrate the lives of these wonderful creatures.