March 13, 2024 | by Kendall Busby

We’re pleased to announce our latest temporary art installation called, “Pollinator Pairings” by Ink Dwell. Utilizing soft pastel chalk and washable paint tempera on five of our concrete eggs used for the Jordan Chardonnay program, the installation brings an eye-catching and important narrative to visitors. Marking the second annual unveiling of pollinator and endangered species art at Jordan, Ink Dwell’s installation follows last year’s honeybee art installation in partnership with The Good of the Hive.

collage of five different illustrations of butterflies and plants on a concrete egg-shaped wine fermenter
From top left to bottom right: White-lined Sphinx Moth with California Fuchsia, Western Monarch Butterfly with Showy Milkweed, Field Crescent Butterfly with Yarrow, Common Checkered-Skipper with Aster, Western Buckeye with Sticky Monkey Flower

The new “Pollinator Pairings” art installation sheds light on the importance of pollinators within the annual lifecycle of a sustainable, wildlife preserve. The Jordan Estate encompasses 1,200 acres within the Alexander Valley, with more than 75% of the land left wild and untouched. The estate is home not only to grapevines and olive trees, but also many essential animals and insects, such as cows, birds, chickens, butterflies and bees. The winery’s care for the bees is critical, since both native bees and honeybees help to pollinate the lush onsite culinary garden, and pollinator sanctuaries across Jordan’s land contribute to the estate’s dynamic biodiversity.

artist drawing a butterfly with pastel chalk on concrete egg wine fermenter
Jane Kim from Ink Dwell illustrating the Western Buckeye and Sticky Monkey Flower on Jordan’s concrete egg fermenter

“Collaborating with Jordan Winery allows me to integrate my passion for art with their commitment to land stewardship, fostering awareness and appreciation for sustainable practices,” said Jane Kim, Founder and artist at Ink Dwell. “Together, we aim to elevate the dialogue surrounding environmental conservation through art, inspiring others to recognize the interconnectedness between creativity and sustainability. I’m honored to embark on this partnership with Jordan Winery, furthering the exploration of art as a catalyst for change.”

Man holding sustainability award plaque

Last April, we were presented the Monarch Sustainer of the Year award by Pollinator Partnership due to the “exceptional leadership and action in providing habitat and awareness for monarchs along their migratory corridors.” During the last few years, our agriculture team has planted nearly 10 acres of pollinator plants across the 1,200 estate with the support of Pollinator Partnership, the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. As a certified sustainable winery and a Bee Friendly Farming-certified vineyard, protecting the at-risk Western Monarch Butterfly, native bees and other pollinators is a critical part of our land stewardship and sustainability efforts.

Guests this spring and summer will have the unique opportunity to experience the “Pollinator Pairings” mural during our daily Winery Tour & Tastings. Book your experience under the Visit section of our website.


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