January 17, 2014 | by Lisa Mattson

Grab a glass. Pairs well with Monday Night Football, Super Bowl XLVIII and our chef’s new chicken wings recipe. View the original NFL Bad Lip Reading video below.

Special thanks to the Jordan voice-over special teams squad:
John Jordan, CEO
Todd Knoll, Executive Chef
Patrick Fallon, Cellarmaster
Sean Brosnihan, Guest Services Manager
Joe Lozinto, Sales Analyst
Jason Blakley, Guest Services Associate

Update 1/25/14: Bad Lip Reading just released its 2014 NFL lip dub parody.

I started a new script for this one, but Wine Star Awards preparations kept us from producing a new wine country edition this year. Some of the lip dub lines we wrote but never recorded:

Original / Wine version:

They crushed his fuzzy cape! / They drank his Jordan cab!

I punched a high school kid in the knee (really eager to remove that one from the original video) / I prefer a light red wine in the spring

Okay, you don’t have to step on us. / Oaky wines don’t have to grow on us.

What are some things that could gross you out. / What are wine terms that could gross you out.

Umm, old folk’s allergies. / Eh, brettanomyces.

Update 1/23/15: Here’s the 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading. We’ll be back in force in 2016. #passthebottle