April 19, 2014 | by John Jordan

Every year at Jordan, I challenge our talented staff to elevate their respective crafts—whether in the cellar, the kitchen, the vineyard or the offices. Somehow, these new enhancements to Jordan wines and hospitality always end up involving a construction project. A wood-fired oven for our chef. A barn for our cattle program. A new composting area for sustainable farming. I must confess: I’m guilty of being the enabler here. The kid in me still loves to build things. Watching these projects go from idea to completion is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

2013 was the year of our most ambitious project to date: the Jordan Estate Tour & Tasting. What started out as an idea during Christmas vacation—creating some sort of garden and vineyard tour—turned into a full-blown visitor experience with construction of outdoor tasting spaces, a new dock for the lake, widened roads, a walking bridge and more. It only took six months of extensive planning and building with 12 employees from five departments involved to make this small dream a big reality.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results—and most importantly, the feedback from our first Estate Tour & Tasting guests. This journey to remote destinations across our 1,200-acre estate offers wine, food and nature lovers an intimate, relaxing experience surrounded by some of wine country’s best views. We can’t wait for our first full season of this tour.

Our latest edition of the Jordan Estate Tales magazine celebrates Jordan Estate like never before, with stories about our passion for this tranquil piece of land and how we share it with guests through exceptional hospitality. Our cover story (page 8) offers a glimpse inside the Estate Tour & Tasting—a true journey for all the senses. In “Looking Back” (page 14), my mom and some of our long-time friends in the business reminisce about Alexander Valley’s sleepy farming community 40 years ago and its evolution. We’re also excited to announce new experiences for our Jordan Estate Rewards members (page 26), which also celebrate the breathtaking vistas of Jordan Estate.

Make sure to read Winemaker Rob Davis’s letter about our latest vintages before learning about our new releases of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon (page 20) and further enhancements to our barrel cooperage selection (page 16).

It is a true privilege to be the steward of this land and all its furry and feathered residents. We look forward to sharing more of Jordan Estate with you and preserving its natural beauty for decades to come.