April 20, 2018 | by Lisa Mattson

We don’t have many 30-plus-years-old wines in the Jordan cellar, and we never pass up the opportunity to uncork a rare one. In this episode of our “Jordan Uncorked” wine tasting videos, Assistant Winemaker John Duckett and Associate Winemaker Maggie Kruse taste a 1980 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. I donated this bottle from my personal cellar, as I wanted to open it for my birthday later that week. We were all impressed with how youthful this old wine tastes. It proves our mantra that red wines of balance always age gracefully. We still have a few bottles left of this wine to purchase, so contact us if you’re interested.

What bottle of wine would you like to see our winemakers uncork next, and where would you like them to taste it?

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