September 6, 2017 | by Lisa Mattson

Last Christmas, John Jordan gifted all winery employees a GoPro HERO camera and challenged each of us to create a video that would capture “a day in our life at work.” Soon, the first-ever Jordan Winery Employee GoPro Video Contest was born. We created rules and prizes, and John unveiled the winning videos last month at our pre-harvest employee movie night party at the Winery Chateau.

Here are the two winning videos. John liked both video contest entries so much that he gave both first prize: two days paid vacation and a $100 Amazon gift certificate. They’ll have to split the grand prize: a six-liter bottle of 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ride on the Jordan Wine Bottling Line

Thomas Remiyac

Take a journey down the Jordan wine bottling line—inside and out—from the point of view of a wine bottle with this GoPro4 video by Thomas Remiyac, part of the Jordan Winery cellar team. Tied first place in our employee video contest. A rarely seen view of how wine is bottled. Video above.


Around Jordan Estate

Brent Young

Follow the Jordan Winery ranch manager to see how diverse his daily job is, from feeding the donkeys and cows and overseeing the garden to farming the vineyards and driving tractors.