April 27, 2023 | by Brent Young

One of the great rewards of a biodiverse vineyard estate is the number of birds it attracts. Beyond the iconic Jordan Chateau lies more than a thousand acres of land, mostly preserved open space, which many wild animals call home. A Healdsburg wine tour that passes our woodlands, century-old trees and lakes allows visitors to see these winged residents, but many birds live in the trees around the winery as well. Jordan Estate has such an ideal combination of habitat that Audubon Society volunteers have use the Jordan lakes to study the migratory patterns of birds in Sonoma County. Here are some of the beautiful birds, both rare and common, found at Jordan’s certified sustainable winery estate.

To help identify some of our winged visitors, my team and I recently installed a Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder near our culinary garden and apiaries. This innovative Smart Bird Feeder features an AI-powered camera that captures stunning photos of our feathered friends as they come to feed. Be sure to download the app and follow us on “Jordan Winery’s Bird Buddy.”

bird feeder with lens flare sitting on wood fence
Jordan Winery’s Bird Buddy located in the Estate Garden