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Established in 1972, Jordan Vineyard & Winery was inspired by the great wine estates of France and created as an homage to the timeless connection between food, wine and hospitality. A relentless commitment to this tenet helped make Jordan one of the top Cabernet Sauvignon brands in California.

Founders Tom and Sally Jordan were maverick pioneers with a unique vision. They wanted to be the first to create a Bordeaux-style California Cabernet Sauvignon that was approachable while young yet aged gracefully. Located in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, the home for their wine would be an extraordinary winery chateau combining winemaking facilities, guest suites, and kitchen and dining areas under one roof. The couple set a standard for American wine quality and wine country hospitality—a top standard that is still held at Jordan today—making it one of the best Sonoma wineries to visit in Healdsburg.

There was only one man who could help achieve the Jordans’ dream wine, André Tchelistcheff, the winemaker who’d crafted the best California Cabernet Sauvignon they’d ever tasted. As consulting winemaker, Tchelistcheff was instrumental in establishing Jordan’s Francophile style of winemaking and was responsible for hiring Rob Davis, the winemaker who guided Jordan winemaking from the inaugural 1976 vintage until retiring at the end of his 43rd growing season in 2019. The continuity and commitment of the Jordan family, along with the tenure of only two winemakers in our history, had led to the remarkable quality and consistency of Jordan wines for four decades.

Under the guidance of second-generation vintner John Jordan since 2005, Jordan Vineyard & Winery continues to innovate and elevate through award-winning wines and hospitality. From advancements in fruit sourcing, oak aging, precision farming and conserving natural resources to diversifying agriculture and creating new visitor experiences at our Healdsburg winery, Jordan maintains a relentless quest to improve with every vintage.

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