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Riedel Cornetto Magnum Decanter - Engraved

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Riedel Cornetto Magnum Decanter $350.00


Inspired by the silhouette of a swan, Riedel’s Cornetto wine decanter in magnum size features a unique, striking shape sure to impress dinner party guests. The Cornetto Magnum wine decanter is handmade and mouth-blown by Riedel of Austria.

According to Mr. Riedel, his inspiration for the Cornetto wine decanter came from Las Vegas. After dinner, he was watching elegant swans swimming in the Bellagio hotel pool, and the flow between their necks and bodies inspired him to create a Riedel Decanter with a similar shape.

This sleek magnum decanter is a fitting vessel for the 2012 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5 liter.

Decanter engraved with the Jordan logo.


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