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Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar by Tsar Nicoulai

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Caviar - 1 ounce $135.00


Enjoy the decadent taste of artisan California caviar with the Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar by Tsar Nicoulai, available exclusively through Jordan. The only caviar to receive a 2018 Good Food Award.
Hand-crafted and farm-raised in Northern California, this white sturgeon caviar combines Tsar Nicoulai’s sustainable methods of high-quality farming and curing with a special salt blend created and applied by Jordan Executive Chef Todd Knoll. The result is a rich, elegant caviar that pairs beautifully with Jordan Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, and of course, Champagne.
To create the Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar, Chef Knoll harvests salt water and kombu (a mineral-rich type of kelp) from the Sonoma Coast, dehydrates the kombu and then lets it infuse with a chilled bath of the collected salt water for three days before kombu is removed and final evaporation occurs, making the caviar’s essential cure. Tsar Nicoulai then sustainably harvests the roe from 100 percent California white sturgeon raised at the company’s farm in Sacramento County before the infused sea salt is applied.
Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar is packaged and sold in 1-ounce jars. It comes with a complimentary Mother of Pearl serving spoon.
Available exclusively online and by calling 707-431-5250. All caviar purchases will be shipped; this product is not available for carryout.
Please review shipping and storage information before placing an order.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight is included in your order due to the perishable nature of this delicate product.
  • Deliveries are Tuesday through Saturday; delivery is not available on Sunday or Monday. 
  • Please include your preferred delivery date in the Comment section.
  • All orders are fulfilled by Tsar Nicoulai.
  • When refrigerated properly (between 32° and 38°F), vacuum-sealed caviar will maintain its freshness until the expiration date indicated on the package.
  • To preserve best flavor and texture, place in a bowl of ice in the coolest part of your refrigerator (usually the back) and refresh ice once a day.
  • Once opened, caviar should be consumed within one day. 
  • The shelf life of a 1-ounce jar of caviar is 60 days.
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