Combining sweet, sour and spice, kimchi is noted for its depth of flavor and health benefits. This garden kimchi salad recipe combines the exotic, savory notes of Korea’s national dish with crisp greens and blossoms to showcase the bright acidity in Jordan Chardonnay.



In a large bowl or tub combine cabbage, kale, salt and enough water to cover. Allow the greens to brine overnight. The next day squeeze as much of the brine out as possible and place the greens in a large non-reactive working bowl. To the bowl add all of the remaining ingredients but the reserved kale, cucumber and nasturtium. Toss all ingredients thoroughly to evenly distribute and then place in a sterilized pickling crock or tub. Gently weigh the mixture down and loosely cover. Allow the kimchi recipe to begin to ferment at room temperature for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the crock may be moved to refrigeration. Toss the mixture every two days for a total of seven days. Add the reserved kale and Japanese cucumber and toss once more to combine. Refrigerate for a final day, and the kimchi is ready to serve. I enjoy the texture and bite of the one-week-old kimchi salad, but it will become even more complex as the fermentation progresses. Keep revisiting and readjusting seasoning as desired.