Each week in the Jordan kitchen, decadent homemade truffles are prepared for our overnight guests. With a few essential tools, tips and ingredients found in this chocolate truffles recipe, you’ll find that making these elegant chocolates, filled with white, dark and milk chocolate ganache, is easy to do at home. Enjoy after dinner with a glass of silky Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.



Choose which variation of chocolate ganache you’d like to make for your homemade truffles (dark, milk or white) and place the suggested amount of discs in a non-reactive bowl and set aside. In a sauce pan over high heat, bring cream to a boil then immediately pour over the chocolate. Cover for 2 minutes to let the chocolate melt and then stir smooth. Mix in softened butter. Set aside and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. While filling is cooling, make the Tempered Dark Chocolate Shell.

For the dark chocolate shell, gently heat 2/3 of a pound of chocolate (chopped or discs/pieces) over a double boiler, stirring constantly until melted. Chocolate will be melted at 120 degrees. Be careful that no steam or water gets into the chocolate as it is being melted. Cool the chocolate by adding fresh chocolate pieces and constant agitation, or stirring, until it reaches about 84 degrees. Quickly return your bowl to the heat and increase the temperature of the chocolate to 88-89 degrees, stirring constantly.

Chocolate is now tempered and ready to use. If the chocolate hardens and needs to be remelted, or gets above 91 degrees, you must re-temper it.

Pour tempered chocolate into your candy mold. Be sure to tap out all the air bubbles and scrape off the excess chocolate using an off-set spatula. Allow chocolate to set up slightly, just to form a shell in the candy mold. Tip the mold over and pour out the majority of the chocolate and scrape the mold clean. (You should be left with a shell that has an empty cavity.)

Using a piping bag, pipe your soft ganache filling into the chocolate shell, leaving room to cap it off with chocolate. Once the mold cavities are full with ganache filling, cover the candy mold again with tempered chocolate, tap out excess air and scrape clean.

Place the filled mold in a cool area and allow the chocolates to completely set, about 20-30 minutes. To remove homemade truffles from the mold, twist the mold to loosen the chocolates and turn over. If they do not release clean, refrigerate for 5 minutes and try again.