Explore our Estate Tales magazine, featuring in-depth stories from our winemaker and chef, as well as recipes, Jordan Estate Rewards winery loyalty program experiences and much more. Read the digital editions below or pick up a free copy at our winery in Healdsburg.


Estate tales 2017 cover thumbnail

2017, volume 12

Pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay and explore Jordan's 12th edition of Estate Tales, which features a new design and expanded format. Highlights include the new Jordan Cuvée by Champagne AR Lenoble, new Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar by Tsar Nicoulai, the evolution of Jordan Chardonnay, harvest reports and more.

Jordan estate tales vol 11 year 2016 thumbnail

2016, volume 11

In this 11th edition of Estate Tales, we celebrate Winemaker Rob Davis' 40th harvest with Jordan with a fete and a milestone harvest that happened on that very day, as well as how to bring our wine country hospitality into your home. Highlights include new releases, harvest reports for our grapes and olives and more.

Jordan estate tales magazine 2015 cover

2015, volume 10

Our tenth edition of Estate Tales celebrates the bounty of the Jordan garden, with stories about how our garden has evolved over the last decade and inspires our culinary team with fresh ideas for food and wine pairings everyday. Other features include our label evolution, Sunset Supper dinner parties behind the scenes and more.

Estate tales v9 cover webthumb2014

2014, volume 9

Our ninth edition of Estate Tales celebrates Jordan Estate like never before, with stories about our passion for this tranquil piece of land and how we share it with guests through hospitality experiences, such as the Estate Tour & Tasting, which began its first full season in 2014, and the Sunset Supper at Vista Point dinner parties, which also debuted in 2014.

Estate tales v8 cover webthumb2014

2013, volume 8

Our eighth volume of Estate Tales celebrates the myriad passions lovers of great food, wine and hospitality share, as well as the hobbies that help me balance wine country life. Highlights include a harvest report from our winemaker, a behind-the-scenes look at a Jordan Estate Rewards member luncheon, reflections on library vintages of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and more.

Estate tales v7 cover webthumb2014

2012, volume 7

In honor of our 40th anniversary, the seventh volume of Estate Tales offers both a reflection on our celebrated past and a glimpse into our bright future. You'll find stories about the evolving art of wine blending, innovative cooking techniques for home cooks, Jordan Estate Rewards members' memories and how iPad technology is helping improve the way we sustainably farm.

Estate tales v6 cover webthumb2014

2011, volume 6

In this issue, we share stories about our renewed commitment to Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines of the highest quality, green-business practices, precision farming, video storytelling and new Jordan Estate Rewards experiences.

Estate tales v5 cover webthumb2014

2009, volume 5

Jordan continues to provide its customers with affordable luxury, bringing pleasure to the broadest number of people possible. We are driven by the ideals we planted into the very soil of this winery more than 35 years ago.

Estate tales v4 cover webthumb2014

2008, volume 4

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of our culinary hospitality at the Jordan Estate. Learn how you can experience our passion for food, wine and hospitality through the new Jordan Estate Rewards winery loyalty program.

Estate tales v3 cover webthumb2014

2007, volume 3

After taking the reins as CEO in 2005, John Jordan is now working to further the legacy of Jordan Winery through enhancements in winemaking, viticulture, operations and hospitality.

Estate tales v2 cover webthumb2014

2006, volume 2

For 30 years, the Jordan commitment to quality has not wavered. Now it falls to John Jordan, second-generation vintner and new CEO, to lead Jordan wine, food and hospitality into the new century.

Estate tales v1 cover webthumb2014

2005, volume 1

Jordan Vineyard & Winery hums with activity during all four seasons. We hope that you will enjoy our first newsletter designed to share with you the joys of wine country living.