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Pan-Roasted Cauliflower and American Caviar

Even prior to the moratorium on Russian caviar, we looked to the Americas for our “black pearls.” We have discovered what we believe to be the very best caviar that is both rich and complex, a delicate crispness that pairs perfectly with Jordan Chardonnay. Florets of pan-roasted cauliflower serve as a warm and unexpected backdrop for this festive and elegant holiday dish.




serves 12

Heat butter and olive oil over medium-high flame until foam subsides.

Sauté cauliflower until colored, while still retaining some bite – about 5 minutes.

Spoon cauliflower with its browned butter and olive oil onto warm plates. Top each serving with half an ounce of caviar, then garnish with chervil.

Wine Pairing Suggestions

Every bottle of Jordan is crafted with food in mind. The elegant balance between fruit, acidity, tannin and alcohol found in our Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon make them versatile for a variety of food & wine pairings. We’ve selected a few vintages that we believe will complement or contrast flavors in this recipe perfectly.

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