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COOKING AT JORDAN culinary philosophy

Our culinary philosophy at Jordan revolves around freshness and purity of ingredients. Executive Chef Todd Knoll walks the garden every morning, drawing inspiration from a single flower blossom, vegetable, leaf or fruit to create recipes that showcase the freshest foods grown in Sonoma County wine country. Chef Knoll also strives to utilize the entire plant, and use it throughout its lifecycle, from fava blossoms and tendrils for garnishes to beans in salads and leaves for tempura. Delicious food made without waste best honors the sustainability of our land.

When creating dinner menus for the Jordan dining room, Chef Knoll incorporates counterintuitive ingredient selections to devise dishes that showcase Jordan’s balanced wines. The silky fruit, bright acidity and lower alcohol found in Jordan wines allow the chef to push food and wine pairings, creating unexpected gastronomic delights, such as Dungeness crab and cannellini bean citrus salad paired with Jordan Chardonnay or wild mushroom and beef nigiri paired with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. The goal is to create recipes that demonstrate the bridge of flavors between food and wine, striking a perfect balance on the palate.

Chef Knoll draws a sketch of every dish before he begins cooking, and lets the drawings serve not only as a creative canvas, but also as a shopping list and guide for plating. Individual dishes are playful with a nod to both traditional French and Asian cooking, yet crafted to remain true to the ingredients. His cooking style incorporates flavors from multiple continents, including North America, Asia and Europe, as well as the South Pacific. He was raised in Hawaii, and many of his dishes feature the fresh seafood and flavorful spices used throughout the islands.

Supporting local purveyors and farmers is of equal importance. Petaluma Seed Bank helps ensure the garden is planted with heirloom seeds each season, and cheesemakers from Sonoma and Marin counties provide artisanal cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses for our Tours & Tastings and special events. Mindful Meats, the first certified organic and non-GMO Project verified beef company in America, supplies flavorful, sustainable meat to the kitchen. Constant experimentation with ingredients and the latest cooking techniques, such as the sous vide method, helps our chef preserve the purity of flavors and wow Jordan Estate Rewards members.

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