March 27, 2015 | by John Jordan

As you may have heard, my sister Judy has decided to sell J Vineyards & Winery to E. & J. Gallo Winery. The sale closes this week.

Because there continues to be confusion about the relationship between J and Jordan, I wanted to clarify that my sister has always owned and operated her winery separately. There will be no changes at Jordan, and Jordan remains independent.

The first few vintages of J sparkling were actually made at Jordan in the 1980s until she found her own facility, and the striking, emerald green bottles with the unmistakable, golden “J” were often referred to as “J by Jordan” in the early days. But since the 1990s, Judy has been blazing her own trail with sparkling wines, pinot noir and pinot gris. Over the years, we’ve served our wines together at restaurant wine dinners across the country to share the full Jordan family wine story. We’ve always recommended J’s Bubble Room and other tasting experiences to our guests. The natural business connection between our wineries remained in consumers’ minds.

Jordan is honored to be a leader in the shrinking community of mid-sized wineries still owned and operated by the founding family with a laser-sharp focus on wine quality and our original vision. Jordan has never been stronger in our commitment to balanced Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, and we’ve never had more fun doing what we love.

I am very proud of Judy and the company she has built over the last three decades. She believes she has found the perfect fit to take the winery to even greater heights–a privately owned company that shares similar core values and a dedication to quality, community and financial sustainability.

I wish my sister all the best in her future endeavors.