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Who We Are

In a world where successful wineries and wine brands are increasingly owned by corporations, Jordan is proud to be family-owned and operated since 1972.

We like to say we focus on just three things: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and hospitality. This focus has allowed us to keep our standards of wine quality and value extremely high—and still explore ways to make our wines, our guest experiences and our culture better year after year. John Jordan’s guiding philosophy is that every vintage, every meal, and every tasting should be better than the last. We all share a relentless drive to constantly perfect our craft.

Jordan wines are made in a more European style that allows them to pair well with a broad range of foods. Our winemaking emphasizes the wine’s fruit and acidity rather than alcohol and tannin, and achieving elegance and balance in the bottle drives all that we do in our vineyards and cellar. 

We are very blessed to be the caretakers for nearly 1,200 acres that surround the Jordan Winery Chateau. More than three-quarters of the land remains wild, open spaces that myriad animals and plants call home. Preserving natural habitat and conserving resources are two tenets in our sustainability efforts. The winery runs almost entirely on solar energy, and our vineyards and winery are certified sustainable.

As one of California’s iconic producers of classic Cabernet Sauvignon, we believe our success should be used for greater good beyond the glass. Since 2012, a large portion of the profits from Jordan Winery fund The John Jordan Foundation, which works to fight the negative effects of poverty in communities through education and health services. 

More than 80 employees work full-time at Jordan between winemaking, viticulture, hospitality, culinary, gardening and administration. John Jordan likes to call us the extended Jordan family. Half of the winery staff have worked here for at least a decade, and 22 employees have worked at Jordan for more than 20 years, including a few families and couples.

We take great pride in making Jordan wines and are grateful that our customers allow us to continue following our passions.

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