Decanting into a crystal decanter through a funnel enhances a beautifully handcrafted red wine like Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. A true wine funnel has a cranked spout—that is, it is curved near the tip to deflect wine down the sides of a decanter and expose the wine to more oxygen. The oxygen in the decanter helps accelerate the full flowering of a wine’s aromas and flavors.

This benefits younger wines enormously. Noble old vintages also benefit, as any sediment is held back in the decanter and not transferred to wineglasses. We recommend washing and drying decanters thoroughly between use for the purest wine tasting experience.

The ideal serving temperature for our Cabernet Sauvignon is between 60 and 65 degrees.

When opening a bottle of wine more than 20 years old, we suggest using an “ah-so” wine opener, whose flat prongs slip in on either side of the cork and minimize the chance of any crumbling.

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