Wall with collage of artwork

An Artful Tour Through Jordan History

Jordan Winery’s new lobby, unveiled in June 2023, features an eclectic art collage. Dating back to the 18th century, this collection of vintage French art and European-inspired commissions tells the story of Jordan’s history. The art collage begins with the founding of the winery in the 1970s and moves through the decades until today. Take a virtual tour through art and history with these photographs.

Framed image of the design of a French garden

French Garden Design
Copper Engraving
France, 1740

Represents Tom and Sally Jordan’s love of French architecture that inspired the Jordan Chateau (1974-1976), and John Jordan’s investments in renovating the gardens surrounding the Jordan Chateau (2023-2026) to honor French design while conserving water and supporting pollinators.

Drawing of two sparrows in oak tree

Two Sparrows in Oak Tree
France, 1775

Represents the wildlife that founders Tom and Sally Jordan sought to protect when they purchased Jordan Estate in 1974. The 1,200–acre property was left uncultivated until the mid-1990s, when they planted their first hillside vineyards.

Framed pencil drawing of Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Chateau Lafite Rothschild
Pencil Drawing
France, 2021

Represents the Jordans’ beloved First Growth Bordeaux, which served as the inspiration for the inaugural 1976 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bas relief sculpture of Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan
Bas Relief Commission
Ukraine, 2023

A homage to co-founder Tom Jordan and to ancient European sculpture, created with clay by respected Ukrainian sculptor Oksana Nikolska.

Framed painting of a woman's eyes inspired by Sally Jordan

Sally Jordan, Lover's Eye
California, 2023

A tribute to co-founder Sally Jordan, inspired by 18th century English jewelry and painted by local artist, Celeste Duffy.

Drawing of oak tree

Majestic Oak Tree
France, 1600s

Represents the wild woodlands that founders Tom and Sally Jordan fell in love with in the early 1970s when they first visited what is now the Jordan Estate.

Framed image of autour bird

Engraving in Aquarelle
France, 1860s

Represents the many birds of prey who live at Jordan Estate, including the eagles that Mrs. Jordan used to hand-feed meat with the help of a golf club.

Framed image of various pieces of ornate cutlery

France, 1870

Represents the Jordan’s love of food and their culinary-centric trips to France in the 1960s, which drew them into the wine business in 1972.

Framed drawing of a cow and calf in a meadow

Cow with Calf in Meadow
Engraving in Aquarelle
France, 1840s

Represents the neighbors’ cattle that roamed the Jordan Estate in the 1980s, and John Jordan’s commitment to sustainable ranching with the return of cattle to the property in 2011.

Framed image of coopers building wine barrels

Cooperage at Work
Woodcut Engraving
France, 1880s

Represents John Jordan’s investment in French oak barrels and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon’s transition to 100 percent French oak aging with the 2015 vintage.

Framed woodcut engraving of a silk moth

Silk Moth
Woodcut Engraving
France, 1800s

Represents John Jordan’s commitment to pollinators by converting 10 acres of non-native grassland into preserved habitat for hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and moths in 2021.

Framed drawing of a Black Labrador dog

Portrait of a Labrador
Connecticut, 1938

Represents John Jordan’s love of black labs. This etching by famous dog artist Marguerite Kirmse, which was printed almost a century ago, bears a striking resemblance to John’s dog, Halsey.

Drawing of a stone fountain with sculptures of sea fish

Fountain of the Sea
France, 1700s

Represents John Jordan’s love of the ocean and the addition of fountains to the Jordan courtyards (2020 and 2023).

Oil painting portrait of Jordan Winery owner and CEO John Jordan

John Jordan
Commissioned Illustration
Canada, 2023

A portrait of John Jordan, who took the reins from his father in 2005, with his dog, Bismarck. Created by world-renowned illustrator Sharif Tarabay of Montreal.

Framed drawing of a decorative beer pitcher

Decorative Beer Pitcher
Woodcut Engraving
France, 1880s

Represents Winemaker Maggie Kruse, who became enthralled with fermentation science at a young age, thanks to her father, a brew master in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ornate antique mirror with golden frame

Ornate Mirror

Represents the art collage’s reflection on the past and the importance of pausing to celebrate our journeys in life when we look in the mirror.

Framed image of an urn filled with flowers and pollinator plants

Urn Filled with Flowers, Fruits and Pollinators
Engraving, France, 1781

Represents John Jordan’s investments in the gardens, vineyards and land conservation since 2006 that have made the Jordan Estate even more bountiful.

Framed lithography image of winery equipment

Winemaking Equipment
France, 1860

Represents John Jordan’s investments in a state-of-the-art bottling line (2013), presses (2020) and concrete egg fermenters (2021-2022) to further elevate Jordan wines.

Framed image of assorted carpentry tools

Carpentry Tools
France, 1830s

Represents John Jordan’s love of construction and his investments in the future of Jordan: Estate Tour & Tasting construction (2013); dining room and guest house renovation (2019); Bacchus courtyard, guest suites and library renovation (2020); lobby renovation (2023).