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2015 Cabernet Sauvignon 18L in Wood Box

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In honor of Jordan Winery’s 40th birthday in 2012, our winemakers produced an 18-liter bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon for the first time. This tradition continues with each future vintage, giving wine lovers the opportunity to procure the kind of big bottle that earns you the title of the “Life of the Party” for years to come. Known as a Melchior, these big bottles are etched, numbered and painted by hand and filled with the equivalent of 24 750mL wine bottles. A historic bottling for Jordan—our first Cabernet Sauvignon aged exclusively in French oak barrels—only eight 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Melchiors were bottled for sale. This classic vintage boasts complex, dark fruits and fine structure that French oak barrels support and elevate. The wine’s balance of black fruits, silky tannins and elegant structure carries through from beginning to end. A Melchior is the perfect rare wine to buy for a special anniversary or birthday gift, or for the ultimate holiday party.

Key Features

  • One of only eight bottles made from the 2015 vintage
  • Holds the equivalent of 122 5-ounce glasses of wine
  • Etched, painted and numbered by hand as part of a limited edition
  • Packaged in wooden wine box
  • Includes a WineKeeper Tap System for convenient glass pouring
  • Includes six limited-edition Le Tour de Melchior artist prints signed by John Jordan and the Jordan winemaking team
  • Includes an optional custom-made reveal box for unveiling the Jordan Melchior at your special event

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