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2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Since the 1990s, Jordan Winery has strived to craft the best, pure olive oil that honors Italian and Spanish extra virgin olive oil making traditions in Sonoma County. More than 16 hillside acres of European olive tree varieties have been planted at Jordan Winery since 1995 to make our elegant California olive oil, including Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino from Italy and Arbequina from Spain. The Mediterranean climate of Northern California—warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights—make Sonoma an ideal region for growing grapes, olives, and other fruits and vegetables.

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“The comeback kid who defied all odds, 2019 is a dreamy style of extra virgin olive oil that will make the most discerning epicures swoon. After a miniscule harvest of just one ton the previous year, Jordan olive trees returned with a vengeance, yielding a bumper crop of optimally ripe, flavorful fruit. The resulting olive oil is rich, buttery and deliciously versatile in the kitchen. Aromas of lemongrass, butter and walnuts open to a plush palate of butter, cut grass and arugula with just a hint of white pepper to spice the finish.” – Todd Knoll, Executive Chef


An exceptional vintage, 2019 delivered quality and quantity to Sonoma County olive growers after the miniscule 2018 harvest. After a rainy winter that delayed spring bloom, our 16 acres of olive trees flowered in late April and early May during cool weather, but the temperatures didn’t impact the amount of potential fruit on the trees. Summer days were warm and moderate with a typical cooling trend in August, which was followed by more sunshine in September and an unusual cool front from late September into October. The moderate temperatures allowed each olive variety to reach optimum ripeness by November without the threat of rain or frost, resulting in more than 22 tons of fruit for our olive oil—a remarkable contrast to the previous harvest of just one ton.


Once optimal ripeness was achieved in late fall, fruit was either handpicked in the Italian brucatura tradition or shaken into special nets with electric combs. Each variety of olive was kept separate from harvesting through processing to allow all four oils to fully express themselves before any blending decisions occurred. Respecting certified extra virgin olive oil standards, the olives were milled within 24 hours of harvest, and the oil was never filtered or heated during the milling process. Our chef, winemaker and ranch manager tasted all four olive oils in December to determine the best master blend to achieve our buttery-smooth style, and the decision was made to increase the rich Arbequina and reduce the spicy Pendolino.


2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest Dates

November 4-13, 2019

Varietal Blend

38% Arbequina, 36% Leccino, 16% Frantoio, 10% Pendolino

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