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2018 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Since the 1990s, Jordan Winery has strived to craft the best, pure olive oil that honors Italian and Spanish extra virgin olive oil making traditions in Sonoma County. More than 16 hillside acres of European olive tree varieties have been planted at Jordan Winery since 1995 to make our elegant California olive oil, including Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino from Italy and Arbequina from Spain. The Mediterranean climate of Northern California—warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights—make Sonoma an ideal region for growing grapes, olives, and other fruits and vegetables.

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Small in size but big on flavor, the 2018 vintage is one we didn’t think could even be released for sale due to its miniscule size of just one ton of olives—compared to a typical harvest of nearly 20. Only available this winter, the 2018 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a deep, golden hue and rich texture, thanks to the full ripeness achieved from a later harvest. Pretty aromas of butter and dried grass lead to a round, buttery palate with notes of dried grass and marcona almonds. The finish is smooth with lingering hints of white pepper. I wish every harvest could taste like this.
—Executive Chef Todd Knoll


Considered an exceptional vintage for grapes in terms of quality and quantity, 2018 delivered the former but not the latter for olives. Olive trees were extensively pruned in winter to help keep their sizes manageable for hand-harvesting and yields, and because olive trees are alternate-bearing, an even smaller crop of flowers emerged after a long, cool winter. The olives underwent flowering during a rainy April, which impacted the pollination of the blossoms, further limiting the size of the crop. Summer temperatures were moderate, with only one heat wave in June and a cool wave in August. The weather was glorious throughout October with cool, foggy mornings and sunny days, allowing the tiny olive crop to develop intense flavors and full ripeness before harvest.

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Once optimal ripeness was achieved in late fall, fruit was either handpicked in the Italian brucatura tradition or shaken into special nets with electric combs. Only the Spanish Arbequina olives were able to be kept separate from harvesting through processing due to the tiny crop. Respecting certified extra virgin olive oil standards, the olives were milled within 24 hours of harvest, and the oil was never filtered or heated during the milling process. With so little olive oil produced, the only decision to make in the master blending exercise was how to keep the Arbequina olive oil percentage as high as possible to bring ample buttery richness to the blend. After resting in our cellars for eight months, the 2018 vintage was bottled and labeled by our cellar staff.


2018 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest Dates

November 1-3, 2018

Varietal Blend

29% Arbequina; 71% Blended Tuscan (Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino)

Bottling Dates

June 2019

Release Date

December 2019


Exclusively at the Jordan Estate or; 41 cases produced.

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