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2015 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Since the 1990s, Jordan Winery has strived to craft the best, purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil that honors Tuscany and Spain right here in Sonoma County. More than 18 hillside acres of European olive tree varieties have been planted at Jordan since 1995, including Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino from Italy and Arbequina from Spain. The Mediterranean climate of Northern California—warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights—make Sonoma an ideal region for growing grapes, olives, and other fruits and vegetables.

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Beautiful weather and a timely fruiting cycle united to provide our largest crop to date, allowing us the freedom to harvest well into November for optimum ripeness. The resulting olive oil is round and buttery with pretty notes of citrus, flower blossoms and pine nuts not found in earlier vintages, as well as the classic apple, grass and artichoke nuances with a clean, peppery finish. This is a unique oil for the Jordan Estate, as soft and elegant as we can produce. —Executive Chef Todd Knoll


Our 18 acres of olive trees flowered in April during warm weather, setting the stage for a potentially copious crop despite smaller-than-average sized fruit. After a cool May, warm, dry conditions prevailed, and the tiny olives grew to normal size. Moderate weather continued into fall, allowing the olives fully ripen without the threat of rains or frost, ensuring full expression of each variety’s flavors by early November—2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. The resilience of our 20-year-old trees during the historic drought is truly remarkable.

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Fruit was either handpicked in the Italian brucatura tradition or shaken into special nets. As an artisanal oil, the olives are milled within 24 hours of harvest, and the oil is never filtered or heated, allowing our Jordan Estate fruit to truly express itself. A master blending session during winter resulted in a silky-smooth combination of Leccino, Arbequina and Frantoio olives. Each bottle was filled and labeled by hand by our winemaking staff.


2015 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest Dates

November 3-13, 2015

Varietal Blend

40% Leccino, 34% Arbequina and 26% Frantoio

Bottling Dates

March 2016

Release Date

May 1, 2016


Exclusively at the Jordan Estate or

500 cases produced

2015 Seal Certified by the California Olive Oil Council

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