John Jordan

Born in Colorado in May 1972 — the same day his parents, Tom and Sally Jordan, signed the deed on their first parcel of land in Alexander Valley — John Jordan has served as Chief Executive Officer of the winery since October 2005.

With a commitment to preserving the foundation on which his parents successfully built Jordan, John has utilized his business and economics background to bring a fresh perspective to the winery, elevating our environmental stewardship, precision-farming practices, hospitality experience and our commitment to wine quality. He has built upon Jordan’s iconic reputation by fostering a culture of excellence where knowledgeable, passionate people are encouraged to perfect their respective crafts every day.
John holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Occidental College in Los Angeles, a J.D. from Empire College School of Law and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. In 2012, he founded The John Jordan Foundation to help provide disadvantaged youth and adults with the tools necessary to succeed educationally and professionally. John also serves as a part-time professor at the Empire College School of Law, and enjoys bass fishing and flying airplanes. 

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